Patio covers

Patio Cover Construction and Installation in Bucks County, PA

Munz Construction designs and builds custom patio covers. With help from our specialists, you’ll be able to create a fantastic entertaining space ideal for summer gatherings, with cool shade, protection from sudden rainstorms, and visual sophistication that beautifully accents your home’s exterior and surrounding landscaping elements.

We proudly offer patio cover construction in Bucks County, PA, including the following communities:

●       Doylestown

●       Chalfont

●       Warrington

●       New Hope

●       Buckingham

●       Newtown

●       Yardley

●       Holland

●       Richboro

●       Southampton

Benefits of Patio Coverings

As the leading provider of patio cover construction in Bucks County, PA, our team understands there are several advantages of outfitting your exterior with these types of structures, including:

  • Keep things cool: No one likes to sweat profusely when they’re trying to enjoy their patio. Fortunately, coverings can provide some much-needed shade.
  • Prevent sun damage: The sun beating down on your outdoor furniture and patio material can cause damage, such as flaking and peeling. Keep everything looking pristine with a cover!
  • Maximize your time outdoors: While precipitation would be enough to ruin any deck or patio plans, a cover makes it a non-issue.
  • Up the value of your home: Aesthetics and functionality coalesce to boost your property’s value if you decide to put your home on the market.

patio cover with four white pillars

Second-to-None Patio Cover Installation

When you turn to Munz Construction patio cover construction in Bucks County, PA, you can feel confident in a structure that’s safe, sturdy, and built with your comfort in mind. First, you’ll sit down with our patio cover installation consultants to talk about how you would like to transform your deck or patio. Then, we meet with you to go over a rough design sketch, the scope of your project, and what you can expect to pay. Soon afterward, an architect or draftsman will visit your home, then create a 3D color rendering of your new patio cover.

While you work on design and material selection, our professionals will secure all project approvals and permits. Finally, our crew will come out and create a beautiful new patio cover for your home.

When the majority of the patio roof installation is complete, our project manager will walk through the area with you and ensure you are fully satisfied. We promise our customers that all of our patio coverings withstand extreme weather and remain in great condition for years to come! Additionally, when you choose Munz for patio cover construction services in Bucks County, PA, you’ll receive a 5-year labor warranty on our work.

Contact Us for Custom Patio Covers in Bucks County, PA

We are experts in all types of home improvement, from the roof down to the basement. Our team has worked with homeowners just like you on projects of every size! Whether you are fully remodeling your home or just want to complete one project, our team of designers and builders will help you create your dream home. In addition to patio cover construction in Bucks County, PA, we offer:

For more information about how we can help with your project in Doylestown, Chalfont, Warrington, New Hope, Buckingham, Newtown, Yardley, Holland, Richboro, or Southampton, get in touch with us today!

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