4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

April 7th, 2023

A renovated bathroom with light and dark gray tiles

Creating a luxurious oasis in the center of your home involves paying attention to the finer details. So whether you’re using tile on the bathroom floor, in the shower, or as a stunning backsplash behind the sink, you need to consider four things in particular: your color scheme, the size and shape of the tile, the tile’s grout, and, finally, the tile’s finish. While it may seem tedious, you will be forever grateful you carefully selected tiles for your bathroom.

Choose a Color Scheme

Before selecting tiles for your bathroom renovation, consider the bigger statement pieces, such as the cabinetry and vanity counters. These will be the first things you see when you walk in and set the tone for your entire space. You wouldn’t want your bathroom tile to clash with the hue of your cabinets or the pattern of your countertop. 

Once you have selected your cabinets and vanity, you can focus on picking out the color of your tiles. We often recommend light-toned tiles so our clients can add pops of color using decorative pieces. However, if you find a patterned tile you like, you can use the colors on the tile as a springboard for the rest of your color scheme. Try to stick to two to three colors in your bathroom.

Decide on Tile Size & Shape

Once you’ve settled on the color of your tiles, you can start getting creative! While small tiles have ruled the bathroom space for decades, larger tiles are growing in popularity. So why should you consider large tiles? They can make a small space feel bigger, which is ideal for half baths, small guest bathrooms, and bathrooms without much natural light.

Of course, smaller tiles, such as subway and basketweave tiles, aren’t going anywhere any time soon. However, they provide a classic and timeless appeal to your renovated bathroom.

For contrasting designs that soothe the eye, consider combining large and small tiles or pairing shapes with busy patterns with solid-colored tiles. For example, you can lay herringbone mosaic tile on the floor in contrast to the picket-shaped tile on an accent wall or the shower. The tile on the floor is so small that the two patterns won’t compete against each other.

Don’t Forget About the Tile’s Grout

While seemingly a minor detail, your tile’s grout plays a huge role in determining how striking or subtle the appearance of your bathroom tile is. The grout’s color and thickness can make your tile stand out or blend into the background.

Light-colored and thin grouting can draw the tile’s pattern into the background, allowing other statement pieces — such as your stone countertops or mosaic marble tiled floor — to take center stage. Tiles with more pronounced grouting will become a focal point of your bathroom’s design.

Select a Finish That Meets Style & Function

Before settling on a tile option for your bathroom renovation, you need to consider one more thing: the tile’s finish. You can choose from glossy, satin, or matte finishes or create even more texture with crackle or metallic finishes. We recommend matte tiles for flooring and showers because of their non-slip properties. Apart from this, you can select any finish you like. You can even mix and match tiles with different finishes!

Start Your Bathroom Renovation Project Today

Have you had your eye on a specific style or tile pattern but are worried it won’t work in your bathroom? The design experts at Munz Construction are here to help you select every detail of your bathroom renovation, including the types of tiles. We’ll ensure every aspect of your design blends cohesively so that you can enjoy the perfect mini-oasis. Contact our team today to get started on your bathroom remodeling project in Bucks County!

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