4 Reasons to Add an Extra Bathroom to Your House

May 17th, 2021

Adding an extra bathroom is one of the most significant remodels you can do to your home. Imagine a world where you’re not bumping elbows with your spouse while you try to brush your teeth and wash your face every morning. Imagine a world where your children are never fighting about who’s next in line. That’s life with an extra bathroom!

Increased Home Value

Adding a bathroom to your home can increase its resale value. In some cases, you might even add more value to your home than the renovation cost. You could even consider taking your plans a step further by adding a complete in-law suite. Many homebuyers are looking for a place to settle and grow their family for years to come — multiple bathrooms make the difference between a casually interested and a highly motivated buyer. 

Added Privacy

People share bathrooms out of necessity, not because it’s their preference. When you add an extra bathroom to your home, everyone in the house benefits from additional privacy. Fewer people sharing a bathroom means reduced struggles for space in the bathroom and fewer germs from guests’ and housemates’ frequent use. 

Back-up If Something Goes Wrong

If you’ve been living life with one bathroom, you’ve probably lived in fear of the day your bathroom is out of commission. Whether you have a sick relative monopolizing the bathroom or you’re having unexpected plumbing issues, a second bathroom gives you an available option when one bathroom just isn’t cutting it. 

Ease of Day-to-Day Use

Whether you are part of a couple, a household of 6, or a still-growing family, the bathroom has the potential to become a battleground. If you grew up in a house with siblings and only one bathroom, you probably have the scars and the memories of being late to school to prove it. With an extra bathroom, battles for the bathroom may fade into obscurity. 

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