Top Benefits of Custom Patio Cover Installation

May 17th, 2021

Summer is quickly approaching, which means homeowners will spend more time tending to their property’s exterior, entertaining guests, and lounging outside. While decks are an excellent gathering, grilling, or resting place, spending a gorgeous afternoon out on one can result in prolonged, uncomfortable exposure to the sun. Outdoor table umbrellas may provide modest relief for those fortunate enough to be under them, but patio covers offer comprehensive coverage and much-needed protection for the entire deck. However, patio covers are hardly one-size-fits-all; customized patio cover installation delivers on functionality and aesthetics.

Enhanced Outdoor Entertainment

Guests will be incredibly comfortable under the canopy of a custom patio cover. It shields people — and their pets — from the sun, letting you make the most out of a warm day. Moreover, custom outdoor patio covers give you ample opportunity to outfit the space with fans, televisions, unique lighting, and sound systems for a pleasant, all-inclusive experience. Alternatively, if the weather decides the turn and the rain starts pouring, you won’t have to hurry inside to stay dry.

Furniture Protection

Speaking of the weather turning sour, your outdoor furniture is left completely exposed to the elements without a custom patio cover. Soaked seat cushions and fabric — and potentially compromised outdoor décor — will be a thing of the past with a patio cover in place. Furthermore, your deck and railing materials will take less of a beating throughout the year, equating to lower maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

The shade from a custom patio cover helps maintain your home’s temperature, keeping it cooler during the summer and taking a bit of the pressure off your HVAC system — especially if patio doors will be opened frequently. Custom patio covers can also be equipped with solar panels and skylights, providing an eco-friendly power resource and letting natural light in.

Increased Property Value

The addition of a permanent patio cover nets positive for your real estate value. Potential buyers will love a structure that protects the patio, especially if it matches the home’s architectural style. Patio covers grant any residence a unique, charming characteristic that could make it that much more distinguished than a neighboring property!

For more information about our custom patio cover installation process, reach out to our team today.

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